Insider Secrets To Making Money With Judgments

Insider Secrets to Making Money with Judgment Liens

If you are looking for multiple income streams and invest in real estate, you may want to get involved in judgment liens. There is money to be made with it, once you know how it is done. A judgment lien comes in two parts. First there is the judgment, followed by the lien. Once the judgment lien has been put in place, you as a real estate investor can jump right in and get involved.

But did you also know you can purchase judgment liens for pennies on the dollar and make a ton of cash for doing so? Yes, and you can do it with a minimal amount of risk. Buying judgment liens are an excellent way to make a lot of money. The reason is you are actually purchasing them at a fraction of what they are worth.

When you purchase judgment liens you are in fact making a fast profit by buying it very cheaply. You simply cash it in for its full value and the property gets sold at foreclosure auction or when non-foreclosure residential or commercial property is sold. Also, if you purchased a judgment lien, and you are actually bidding on a property at public auction, you can bid higher knowing you have a lien to use as part of the settlement.

Even if you were outbid, you still end up with cash profit because you cash in the lien at full value. How is this possible? Whoever is the successful bidder, that bidder has to pay off all debts against the property first. Since you  hold a judgment lien, you own some of the debt to the property. The bidder has to pay you first. So you sell him the lien and you get a nice profit out of it.

What this does for you is that you really didn’t spend the full amount that you bid on the property. You will be getting some of that money back by way of the judgment lien you sold. If you like the idea of making a ton of money and you are a real estate investor, or even someone going into real estate for the first time, you will love the idea of developing multiple streams of income using real estate as the basis for your income.

Don’t overlook judgment liens as they are a good source of great income potential. You just have to know what you are doing and where to look for deals. The rest is rather easy. As someone involved in real estate, it would be to your advantage to seek out judgment liens and it will make you a very rich man/woman in little time.

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  1. Daniel

    I am Mr. Bob Diamond’s Bankruptcy student. I have listened to your tele-seminar with regarding Judgement liens yesterday. I also attended to other similar course before.

    I do not need to purchase the course. I located few judgment $10,000+ that I
    would like to flip to you as he talked during his seminar.

    Would you please tell me how do I do that?

    Thank you for your time.

    Daniel Nguyen


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