Real Estate Recovery Tips

Video and web conferencing save realtors over $70,000 a year

Realtors across the country are implementing video conferencing solutions that will provide efficient and cost effective communication. Video conferencing a key cost reduction tool. A typical video conferencing tool can reduce travel by over 30%, resulting in significant cost savings not to mention increased productivity. This does not take into account other savings that can be realized for Video Conferencing meetings that can be conducted with committees, forums and groups.

Business Elite Web Connect allows you and your business to instantly share your desktop and ideas online with anyone, anywhere. The service is a professional yet affordable solution ($49.95/month) for conducting everyday web meetings. Participants need only a browser and internet connection. This invaluable tool can be used for team meetings, webinars, sales presentations, online training, tutorials, brainstorming, and more. As the meeting host, you have complete control over all participants and their interactions within the meeting room. Business Elite Web Connect provides all the features you need, yet it’s simple and practical. Your Web Connect account is a complete solution that combines an administrative Control Panel and Virtual Meeting Room.

Features and Benefits

Desktop Sharing: Share your desktop in real time with your customers and colleagues. Our adjustable sharing pane lets you choose the size and shape of the area you wish to share, so only relevant content is displayed. Guide your audience through slide shows, process diagrams, or training presentations with greater impact than delivering the same content off-line.

Video Conferencing: Web Connect supports up to 8 concurrent live video feeds, allowing meeting participant to see and interact with each other in real time.

Virtual Whiteboard: A picture says a 1000 words; brainstorm and collaborate in real time using this innovative feature that allows you to pass drawing tools from one participant to the next. Whether mapping out a network diagram, floor plan, or organizational chart, meeting participants can contribute to the collective vision and outcome of a design session.

Video and Document Sharing: Your account includes over 500 megabytes of password-protected document and video storage space that you can access or share from any internet-connected computer.

Attendee Management: As meeting host, you control all attendee permissions from an integrated management dashboard.

Meeting Chat and Note Tools: You can allow your guests to chat privately between individuals, or publicly with the group. The public chat board can be saved at the end of your meeting to allow you to follow-up off-line to questions or comments posted during your presentation. A notes board is also included in the meeting room interface to keep track of action items, decisions, and conclusions.

Integrated VOIP audio or traditional dial-in audio bridge: The Business Elite web conferencing solution allows the host to choose the mode for sharing meeting room audio content. Each account includes a private, PIN secured dial-up conference line to complement the built-in VOIP audio capabilities.

Conference Recording: Need to record and share or review the audio and video content of your meeting at a later date? The built-in recording tool lets you save meetings to your computer in formats that can be posted or redistributed through your web site, meeting room, email, and other electronic media.

All of this functionality exists in a secure virtual meeting room that gives the host complete control over attendee permissions and interactions. Web Connect also comes with a Host Control Panel that gives you the ability to customize the branding and appearance of your meeting room, access product help guides, and manage your Web Connect account settings and resources.

Innovative Marketing Ideas

Since there are plenty of real estate agents and investors who come to this page, I thought I’d include some great marketing tips. It struck me as an opportunity to remind ourselves to continually reinvent the way we do business. I hope that marketing professionals such as real estate agents will be inspired to push their creative limits after reading this.

The real estate market has softned considerably since 2008. Realtors are having to cut costs, and one place they cut is advertising. Real estate mobile marketing offers a cost-effective way to advertise propertie.

SMS marketing lets you deliver real estate information to your customer’s cell phones using text messages or mobile internet. Business Elite Services SMS marketing is an affordable ($49.95/month) web based service tool that allows agents to be 15% more productive and generate over 22% more leads.


Create a Mobile Website

A mobile website allows you to market property listings using SMS and mobile optimized complete with pics, info, showing requests, open house & much more. You can utilize the lead capture page to collect potential customers information.

Auto responder Campaign

Stay in touch with your leads by creating an auto responder email campaign for your leads that are not ready to purchase a home. Keep them updated with interest rates, new homes on the market, forclosures, loan information and much more. Nurturing your relationship with your leads are a smart way to turn them into customers. How cool is that?

Leads Capture

Usually a real estate advertisement provides customers a number to call if interested in a specific listing. However, after that potential customers makes the call and no is not interested or does not qualify for the listing, what happens? You lose that potential customer.

A “Lead Capture” page allows you to capture that lead’s information in a database. Instead of giving a phone number as a contact information, select a keyword that you promote to your customers (and the general public), and then everytime someone texts that keyword to our special short code (55469), they will be added to your database. Once they are in your database, you can then send a message by text to your entire list whenever you want with a click of a button. It’s that easy! Building a long lasting relationship with your customers or general public is a way to convert leads to customers, retain your existing customers or get referrals from anyone because now they know and remember you.

The Business Elite SMS Marketing service provides so much more features to capitalize on.


- Increase visibility and interest in listing

- Collect potential buyers’ contact data

- Generate sales leads

- Enable customers to easily store data on homes of interest

- Complement other property advertising efforts


- Mass text capabilities

- Reduces printing needs

- More cost effective than traditional marketing methods with a trackable return on investment

The Recession that Made us Great – Reinvention of the Real Estate Agent

Economic conditions, changing consumer demands and new technologies have dramatically transformed the real estate industry and continue to reinvent the role of the real estate agent.

The recession shined a light on the value of productive real estate professionals because of the consumers’ need for superior real estate guidance in our very complex market. So how can agents elect to stand out?

Leverage New Opportunities.
The recession cleansed the real estate industry of agents who may not have truly been committed to the profession and is alternately rewarding Realtors who have stepped out of their market niche to explore the opportunities today’s economy affords. They have been taking advantage of a brand new opportunity that allows them to provide their customers a whole set of concierge services and earn residual income on those services in each home. More Information is provided on Success stories have been pouring in.  Christine L. Langford, CRSR, GRIR, Associate broker at RE/MAX One said: “Due to the slowdown in the housing market, I needed an additional stream of income to supplement my income from real estate. This opportunity is a recession-proof business that has afforded me the opportunity to make full-time income working part-time

Embrace New Technology.
Most of us run our businesses from our iPhones and Blackberrys, and soon iPads, which, according to Apple, “will revolutionize the way everyone does business.” New technologies are constantly pushing out traditional business methods.

New and evolving technologies can reveal opportunities for expanding business. Online social networks like Facebook and Twitter are free tools that productive Realtors use to promote their personal brand and engage with their customers. Developing a strong online presence creates increased accessibility to these agents and allows them to connect with current and prospective customers in a very progressive and personal way.

Text Marketing for Real Estate Agents is the next big thing. Mobile marketing service providing agents and brokers a platform to text real estate listings to a prospect’s phone. Residential and Commercial property managers can text message property information 24 hours a day. It’s like having a virtual leasing agent. Buiders can instantly capture and relay drive-by leads to sales staff. For more info on text marketing TEXT MARKETING Services from Business Elite Services has proven to be the service of choice for most.

Join the evolution of our new real estate reality. Real estate agents embracing change are not only reinventing themselves, but our industry-at-large.